Cat. No.
055 402

NKM-1.2 drive is used to open and close isolator and switch disconnector
in medium voltage lines.

– supply voltage                           – 24V DC
– rated curent                              – 19A
– make-time                                – 1,0s
– drive mass                               – 16kg
– overall dimensions – 290x480x210mm
– the grade of casing protection – IP43W

The drive is adjusted to be installed on an overhead line pillar
(in yuor order, please note the type of the pillar)
The casing is made of galvanized painted steel box.

The drive can be activated:
-locally, with buttons located inside the box
– remotely, by the use of wires or radio
– manually, by the use of crank handle (to regulate)

The device is characterized by incredibly precise positioning of the isolator
in the working orientations.
The drive is equipped with electrical and mechanical interlocking preventing the activation
and the electrical and mechanical signaling of the position of isolator s contacts.