Cat. No.
upper section l=2,24m 060 941
upper section l=2,52m 060 942
upper section l=2,80m 060 943
middle section l=2,24m 060 951
middle section l=2,52m 060 952
middle section l=2,80m 060 953
bottom section l=2,24m 060 961
bottom section l=2,52m 060 962
bottom section l=2,80m 060 963

The DRN type ladder can be used in vertical position to work with electricity, telecommunication and other poles. Shape of supports ensures proper positioning and fixing the ladder to various shapes of poles (round, rectangular, octagonal or other). DRN-22 ladders feature strong but light construction and fast and easy assembly/disassembly of sections.
The ladder is equipped with a USM-1 type device protecting from fall down from the height. This is a self-locking device moving on a guide rail attached to one of the side supports (picture 1).
A ladder with SI-22 insulated sections (one or several) can be utilised while working on the devices under voltage. See picture 4.

Requested length of the ladder can be obtained by proper selection of ladder sections as indicated in the table.
Additional possibility to make adjustment of ladder length, with grading each 0,28 m, can be obtained by using upper section as displayed on picture 3.

Ladder is consistent with requirements of EN 131-2 and EN 353-1 norms.

Znak CE