Cat. No.
040 551 



Phasing device and indicator of pole rotation directon in the 50Hz triphase network with the voltage from 48 to 500V and of 120o interphase angle.



– Nominal voltage range – 48500V

– Housing of quqlity PC

– Total length – 24cm

– Weight – 0,35kg

– Built-in auto-test prevents from using the device with level batteries or with detected defect

– Operating, effieciant phasing device produces shot solitary signals with 2 seconds intervals.

Contact with the voltage is indicated by the continous signal, denoting saving the phase info,

when the info is saved the signal changes for periodical.

Five short signals with interval each 2 seconds inform about saving the phase info when the

voltage is discontinued. The phase info is saved for maximum 25 seconds.

Periodical acoustic and optical signals indicate compatibility of measurred and saved phases.

Continuous acoustic and optical signal indicates incompatilibity of measurred and saved phases.

According to the standard, continuous signal appears also when it is impossible to indicate the

phase clearly, ex. in case of disturbances.

When the phase is saved, touching consecutively two other phases means measuring the

direction of rotation and in effect appropriate LED 5mm puts on with contiuous light.

Short and fast sounds and interchangeable blinking of 5mm LEDs indicate expiration of the

phase memory time and precede automatic switching off the phasing device.

– All featuring signals are strong and easily recognisable.

– The phasing device is powered by 9V batteries.

-The device is delivered in hard case, with battery, manual and warranty card.

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